Wednesday, September 11, 2013

T-Shirt Bonanza!

So in the last few weeks I've been making making recycled T-shirts, often printing on them. As with denim, everyone has around a bunch of T-shirts and other jersey fabrics that aren't wanted, and you can often get very large tees at charity shops for only a couple of pounds (prices will vary, at some point I may post a guide to how to charity shop for donor garments). Of course, it's best to get large garments without designs on (unless the design is one you like and want to keep!).

Generally I like to get a block colour front for the front and back and stripes or other patterns on the sleeves if I'm printing. Otherwise stripes can also be good for the body. For the body, it's easiest to use a large plain tee or dress. Since sleeves and other detailing are smaller, you can use blouses or skirts, which often have cooler patterns anyway. If not, any interesting fabric is great! Each T-shirt was hand made by me to my own drafted pattern, all screen-prints were designed by me and screen printed by hand. Explanatory notes or text clarifications included.

Body- Cut up dress, Sleeves- T-shirt

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recycled denim jackets

Three examples of one of my first designs. Denim is great to work with because it's fairly each to stitch together multiple pieces in odd configurations until they actually fit your pattern pieces. I also happen to like a patchwork denim look. Plus, it's genuine patches of nice worn denim.

This was made from a few small items, the arms are most of the fabric from a small pair of jeans, lower front and back are from a couple of pairs of denim shorts and the corduroy yoke and stripe were cut from a couple of old skirts I got off my sister, as was the little pocket on the left upper arm. On the back you can clearly see the unfaded area where back pockets were. The strips up the middle are a waistband I unpicked and ironed flat. I think the weirdly faded result is good. Collar is a stand-up one piece. Overall not my best construction work but I was pleased with the design.

Welcome to the Redress blog!

Hello reader!

I'm Mat. Welcome to my new blog. I've been making my own clothes for a while now, and recently have been recycling and upcycling old clothes to make completely new garments. This blog is going to be a place for me to show my work, and hopefully encourage others to try doing the same. I hope to post some tutorials and guides in the near future!