Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recycled denim jackets

Three examples of one of my first designs. Denim is great to work with because it's fairly each to stitch together multiple pieces in odd configurations until they actually fit your pattern pieces. I also happen to like a patchwork denim look. Plus, it's genuine patches of nice worn denim.

This was made from a few small items, the arms are most of the fabric from a small pair of jeans, lower front and back are from a couple of pairs of denim shorts and the corduroy yoke and stripe were cut from a couple of old skirts I got off my sister, as was the little pocket on the left upper arm. On the back you can clearly see the unfaded area where back pockets were. The strips up the middle are a waistband I unpicked and ironed flat. I think the weirdly faded result is good. Collar is a stand-up one piece. Overall not my best construction work but I was pleased with the design.

Next up, as shown off in the first post, this was made from a whole bunch of small pieces of grey and black denim cut from a couple of pairs of jeans and a large skirt. Zip pockets, button cuffs, two piece collar. Logo printed on back. I was pleased with this, especially the contrasting yellow thread, buttons and pocket linings.

And thirdly, one that is more closely based on a typical shirt pattern, sleeves, yokes, cuffs, collar all made from a pair of jeans, The main front and back made from triangular pieces of a many-panelled skirt arranged in a mainly circular fashion and sometimes off-grain. The frayed hem was part of the skirt's original design - I figure if you like a feature of a source garment, it's good to find a way to use it in yours. The curve of the hem pieces makes the front slightly asymmetric, but I don't mind that!

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  1. very nice, I love these shirts. It's a good idea to recycle smaller parts of old jeans.