Wednesday, September 11, 2013

T-Shirt Bonanza!

So in the last few weeks I've been making making recycled T-shirts, often printing on them. As with denim, everyone has around a bunch of T-shirts and other jersey fabrics that aren't wanted, and you can often get very large tees at charity shops for only a couple of pounds (prices will vary, at some point I may post a guide to how to charity shop for donor garments). Of course, it's best to get large garments without designs on (unless the design is one you like and want to keep!).

Generally I like to get a block colour front for the front and back and stripes or other patterns on the sleeves if I'm printing. Otherwise stripes can also be good for the body. For the body, it's easiest to use a large plain tee or dress. Since sleeves and other detailing are smaller, you can use blouses or skirts, which often have cooler patterns anyway. If not, any interesting fabric is great! Each T-shirt was hand made by me to my own drafted pattern, all screen-prints were designed by me and screen printed by hand. Explanatory notes or text clarifications included.

Body- Cut up dress, Sleeves- T-shirt

Body-White tee, Sleeves and collar band-Polo, Logo Print

Body-Grey tee, Sleeves and collar band-Cut from jersey blouse, Design-Imaginary Band, House adapted from vector found on GIS, no indication was found of copyright.

Body-White tee, Sleeves-Polo, Collar band, Blue tee, Design-Hitchhikers/Doomer reference

Body-Jersey dress, Sleeves-Grey tee, Sleeve hems and collar band-Red tee, Design-Hitchhikers reference

The loudest band, no, sound in the universe. Shows slight fade in design

Printed modification. I'm an Australia cricket fan. It's been a tough summer.

White/Black jersey. Design-Doomer, with shadow effect by slight double print

Just a print. Forty years ago today, on September 11th 1973, democratically elected Chilean president Salvador Allende gave his last address and committed suicide in the presidential palace rather than surrender to the US-backed coup of the mass murderer General Pinochet. We need to remember events like these. Portrait design is not mine, but is in the Public Domain, added the text. Not for commercial use etc.

Front body-Jersey dress, Back body-T-shirt, Sleeves-Jersey gown. Non-standard flat unfinished collar.

Title of an amazing Adam Curtis documentary. It's a quote from a cyberneticist poem. I think it has an added resonance in this age of CCTV, total internet surveillance and Predator drones.

Standard logo on the back

Body-Jersey blouse with a cool pattern, Sleeves-Jersey skirt

Body-Red tee, Sleeves, hood, pocket-Tee

Design-I love the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. No-one does a slice like Big Rico, folks! NO-ONE.

All fabric-Jersey gown. Non-standard flat unfinished collar. Design-Imaginary Band. Just think, a Pirate funk band. Small text reads 'Rum 'n' Raisin Hell Tour '73' Yes, I love puns.

Most of them have the logo on the back there, didn't feel it was necessary to show them all. This pic shows the seam up the back that I had to use to create a piece the size of the back. Either way, I like the effect.

Body and Sleeves and Collar Band-Tees. Design-Global warming is more pressing than most people realise. Every megaton of CO2 is lethal.
Factory design loosely based on free for commercial use vector

Body-White tee, Sleeves and collar band-Jersey skirt, Design-Pride! As a well-adjusted straight dude, I'm delighted about the increasing rights for gay people in my country and also the US. There is still a long way to go in many places (even in the 'developed' societies), but for now, let's celebrate the achievements so far by showing support for pride!

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