Friday, October 18, 2013


The latest staple of my wardrobe I've designed/made by recycling. They're all made with old tracksuits, ribbing and a few odd bits of jersey. If you can get a large pair of tracksuit bottoms, particularly one without outer side seams, when opened up each leg is large enough to make the front or back panel. It's based on a modification of my basic T-shirt pattern, sleeves lengthened, added front pocket in some cases. Hoods are not hard to do, two matching pieces of the right shape stitched around the collar in much the same way as a normal collar band would be. Ribbing for cuffs and hem can be obtained from a variety of source garments, or if you don't have any, sufficiently stretchy jersey will do. All hand-prints by me. 

 The front piece has three vertical seam as the pieces weren't large enough. Print is a Welcome to Night Vale reference. Jeans are also mine, more on those soon!

Fairly standard one. Instead of ribbing stretchy jersey was used. Print (starship troopers reference) by me.

The front of this one is made of pieces of patterned fine jersey basted to matching pieces of sweater fabric, then stitched together to make one large piece. Left picture shows the seams. It has a collar zip, put in asymmetrically along a seam line. It combines with the hood shape, also designed on this one to be asymmetric, so the hood lies to one side, over one shoulder. Sleeves are 3/4 length. There is a long strip going from hem ribbing to sleeve ribbing along underarm. Redress logo printed under hood on back.

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